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Home Décor Tips to Create a Fantastic First Impression

Imaging how you are going to decorate your home can be a bit of an overwhelming process, so we have put together this handy guide to help you plan and choose a starting point for your project.

To create a fantastic first impression, you can combine classic décor with modern pieces. Don’t worry, the combination works perfectly and can be very striking. Just follow our simple steps and make sure you sprinkle your own personality in the project.

1. Chandeliers

You may start your project from the ceiling and go all our creatively on some light fixtures or chandeliers. There are options for all tastes and budgets, just remember to adjust the size of the light fixture or chandelier to the room, as it could easily go from beautiful and accentual to overpowering.

These do not need to be costly, there are some beautiful ones made with methacrylate instead of glass which makes it less fragile too. Once you have picked your chandelier, now it’s time to pick the right bulbs with the type of light you would like in your space.

2. Put In a Rug

You may also like to start your project from the floor, which is not a bad idea at all as the type and design of rug may flood you with ideas for the rest of the house. Usually, it is easier to find the perfect cushion to match your rug than the other way around. However, at Ocean Rugs we are proud to be able to help with this and offer a free bespoke service to find your perfect rug. And if you can’t find the rug you want, we can manufacture you the rug of your dreams.

In many cultures around the world, it has always been a staple to have interiors decorated with rugs, this is becoming more and more common in the West too and we are so glad as we think rugs are fabulous interior decorating items, a must if you ask us!

You can check out our other blogs about the importance of rugs right here:

Have a browse of what we offer and if you have any questions or would like our bespoke service help, chat to us or call us on: 07936490185 and

3. Canvas Prints and paintings

If you have favourite photos of places you have been to, loved ones, furry friends or an inspirational quote you can now print them on a canvas and put them on your wall to show what inspires you and make your interior stand out.

You can do the same with a painting or even a collection of paintings, mirrors and knickknacks which you can frame or even place on the wall and then place a frame (no glass necessary) directly around.

There is room here to go the minimalist or maximalist route, and either one sounds good to us as there are rugs for every style at Ocean Rugs.

4. Mirrors 

On the subject of mirrors, these are excellent decorative items which stand the test of time. They can make any room seem bigger and lighter as they help bounce the light around and give the feeling that the room ‘extends’ beyond the mirror.

Classic big gold frames are back in fashion, so this is an excellent way of mixing old with new to create a look.

5. Darker Themes

This one will need careful planning and judgement, you may want to do your research on how to successfully create a modern and dark décor for the space you are trying to decorate without making it feel small.

Deciding on a colour palette and exploring different dark tones and shades can be both fun and inspiring as you may decide to combine colours you wouldn’t have had before and add accents of vibrant colour or metal to contrast.

Remember that as much as darker décor themes are impressive and you will certainly be the talk of your friendship group, you are the one who’s got to live with it, so make sure it is something you’re happy with before you start making any changes.

6. Minimalist furniture

Very much associated with Scandinavian design, it is an excellent way of keeping the living space neat and clean.

Particularly useful for small apartments or rooms, where space is limited. Keeping furniture to a minimum does not mean you have to compromise on comfort or on the wow factor. In fact, you will probably have more budget left to splash out on better quality pieces and impressive design accessories that do not break the Hygge.

7. Tick Tock Clocks

Before the social media craze of tiktok, this used to be the sound a regular clock would make. Clocks were always around in homes growing up, but they seem to have taken a backseat until recently.

They not only serve the purpose of telling the time, but modern clocks can be used as wall features and old grandfather clocks are not more precious than ever.

Should you prefer a modern look, it is an excellent way of sorting out two issues in one: wall décor and utility. But should you go for a more traditional look, then you are once more bringing in old and new together, and that’s a recipe we like.

8. Greenery

Finally, we have greenery. Introduce a touch of cool with some indoor plants. Not only are they easy to get hold of now, but there is a wider selection than ever before.

Plants look exceptionally well in living and family rooms as well as bathrooms where there is an influx of natural light.

If you have a room with no natural light such as a bathroom, then go for a faux plant, they can be very realistic looking and bring freshness and a relaxed atmosphere all the same.

Plants are also good for us, they emit positive energy and are relaxing to look after, go for plants which are easy to care for.

Finally, orchids are very thankful plants, with some sunlight and a little water they are happy to flower several times a year with their flowers lasting for up to 3 months at a time! Imagine what you can save on supermarket flowers.


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