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How to choose a rug for your space?

Our Interior Design Manager, shares her tips and tricks for selecting the right rug for your space.


We believe that there is a rug for every home and every space, just waiting to be chosen. They add warmth, character and help harmonise spaces. We specially love how they feel once they are down and you can kick your shoes off and relax your feet on them.

At Ocean Rugs, we have an exquisite selection of rugs made of the best materials, with and without texture to suit all moods. Our Interior Design Manager gives you here her best tips and tricks.

Find the right size:

‘A common mistake is to choose a rug which is too small for your space. A rug should ideally sit under the furniture, or at least under the front legs of the sofa or chair’, she explains.

170 x 240 cm – This size is around the same length as a three-seater sofa and works well in a medium sized living area. This size is also ideal for under a desk in an office space.

200 x 300 cm – Our larger option, this size is ideal for putting under a double or queen bed. You want to make sure that you can see plenty of rug around the sides and bottom of your bed. It can also be used in a large, open-plan living space. 

If you’re selecting a rug for your dining space, ‘imagine your guests are sat and all the chairs are pulled out, that’s the width you want to go to’, is her tip.

Please refer to our How to Choose a Rug Size blog for in detail information.

And the right shape:

At Ocean Rugs we have a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Once you have taken into consideration the dimensions of your room, choose between a rectangular rug which fills your space and respects the proportions of the space. Or ‘if your space is fairly even and modern, break the pattern with a circular rug’, circular rugs have proven very popular in the last year and make contemporary spaces very fun.

Light matters:

We love homes with the maximum amount of natural light. So if you have a room in which the sunlight streams in and falls on the floor, reflecting whatever colours it finds onto the walls, bear this in mind when choosing your rug.

The colour of your rug will most likely bathe the inside of your walls on a sunny day. So it is not just about coordinating the scheme, but about the way light will bounce colour around the room.

Make it work for you:

Depending on the location of your rug you may want to consider the pattern or height of pile. ‘Try to think practically depending on the wear and use you will give the rug’, she describes.

For high foot-traffic areas of your home or office, think flatweave or handmade, which are more forgiving in the long run. These also go really well under dining tables as they are easier to clean. For bedrooms and sitting rooms you may want to go for cosier rugs with higher piles. ‘These rugs are always a delight to walk on, especially if they are in a room you usually go barefoot in’. You can choose from a range of pile heights in our collection.

Find the right finish:

To complete the look in a room, go for rugs which break down sobriety or that complement the colour on the walls or the palette in the room. If you like uniformity, look for a rug which compliments the tones in your space. However, if you’d like to have a little fun with this important accessory, try a bold rug design against a more neutral backdrop. This doesn’t have to be just in colour, but it could be in design and texture too.

At Ocean Rugs we strongly believe that a rug is not just for looking, but should be felt and enjoyed too.

Contemporary and modern rugs will suit many spaces and you can almost never go wrong. Traditional rugs on the other hand bring a sense of time and class to a room. We are fortunate to be able to offer you the best of both worlds in collections such as our Antiquarian, Generation, Palazzo and Medallion rugs.

You may instead be looking for a rug which lifts the space into a higher dimension with a handwoven Persian rug. If this is the case, get in touch today with our Interior Design Team and we will help you achieve just that with our expert knowledge.


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