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How to Clean Your Rug The Right Way

We are so pleased you have chosen your beautiful Ocean Rugs rug and now you probably want to invite friends and family over to admire how beautiful it looks. The good news is that wool carpets are naturally resistant to dirt and our high gloss polyester rugs are treated to be dirt resistant too.

To make the most of your rug and knowhow in case of accident we have put together this guide which will help you clean any kind of stain.

Please note that this guide is complementary to our How to care for your rug guide, which you will also find on our site. Do not attempt to clean silk rugs in this way, please get in touch with us if you prefer. Your rug will need specialist cleaning.

Spill Cleaning

Deal with it quickly so it is less likely to stain. 

Do not rub the rug when applying pressure or you risk damaging the pile.

Do not use salt or white wine on a red wine spill.

Work from the outside of the spill inward, to reduce the affected area.

If using a cleaning product, ensure it is one designed for rug cleaning depending on material (e.g. wool cleaning product). Work the product in with a sponge, brush or cloth, then rinse with a separate clean cloth.

When you have finished, blot thoroughly and brush the pile in the right direction.

If in doubt, please message us for advice. Your rug may need professional cleaning.

Stain Rescue Chart

For a more detailed guide on how to deal with a stain, please see our guide below

Method 1

Blot with clean, white cloth. When you have removed the excess liquid, use a solution made of one teaspoon of wool detergent with half a pint of water. Sponge gently then rinse with clean, warm water. Blot thoroughly, brush the pile in its natural direction and leave to dry.

Method 2

Threat the stain with a household dry-cleaning powder, according to the instructions on the pack. Don’t soak. Open the windows so the room can air thoroughly.

Method 3

Sponge the mark with a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts clean, warm water. Leave for 15 minutes then sponge with clean, warm water, blot thoroughly and gently brush the pile in its natural direction.

Professional Deep Cleaning

If your rug has become heavily soiled or you are unsure on how to treat a stain, it is best to let an expert take a look or having professionally deep cleaned.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need help with this service within the UK.

Professional rug cleaning


Vacuum cleaning as often as once a week on a low to medium power will ensure dirt particles don’t have a chance to embed themselves into the pile. Do not use the brush attachment for vacuuming your rug.

Moth Protection

Wool is a wonderful material, and as detailed in our Why use wool guide, we cannot recommend it enough.

The only disadvantage of virgin sheep’s wool is the danger of moth infestation (Tineola bisselliella) which makes treatment with moth repellent on stored rugs indispensable.

Should you need to store your wool rug, we recommend you continue taking care of it by placing moth repellent products in and around it.

But do not fret, as long as your beautiful wool or blend of wool rug is on display and being used, it will not run any risk.

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