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Modern Rug Materials – Plant Based Materials

There are many new materials which have flooded the market in the last 100 years for the manufacture of rugs from plant based ones to synthetic. They all have their advantages and we have put together a handy guide for you to understand these a little better.


The best known plant-based yarn, it is used in many industries, including the rug making industry.

Cotton is economical and it has its natural advantages too. Cotton is able to absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water. This makes it perfect for water absorption uses such as a bath matt. It also has insulating qualities which means it holds heat close to the body and makes cotton clothes and carpets feel warm.

Hemp and Jute

These plant based materials are used in rugs for higher footfall areas, sometimes in combination as they are very resistant and not as expensive as their wool or silk counterparts. They are often woven as kilims and flatweave rugs which makes them light and modern. They are also environmentally friendly fibres, which are easy to grow and biodegradable. Jute and Hemp do not conduct static electricity, has low thermal conductivity and noise insulating attributes.


The main component of linen is flax, which belongs to the bast fibre category. This material has been used in rug manufacturing since ancient times.

Growing linen uses less water than cotton and it does not require the use of fertilisers.

Linen is used in a variety of fabrics including clothing as it is breathable, durable and does not accumulate static electricity. Linen is also biodegradable.


Was the winner of the ‘European Award for the Environment’ in the turn of the millennium. It is one of the most eco-friendly plant rug yarns. Tencel is made of 99% wood pulp from certified tree farms. It is a breathable fibre, which is 50% more resistant to mould than cotton or wool. It is sustainable and naturally anti-bacterial.


The plant based silk. If you like to touch of silk but you don’t want to sacrifice silk worms for your ideal rug and other synthetic silks are not to your liking, then bamboo is the perfect material for you. Just like Tencel, it is a hygienic fibre, it resists offensive odors and it is anti-UV, so you can place your bamboo run in a sunny spot of your home without a worry. Please be aware that Bamboo is a highly absorbent fibre and any spills will need to be cleaned up immediately.

Many of our rugs are made from natural materials. We are committed to remain on the cutting edge of rug technology and provide the highest quality and the highest standard to our customers with every purchase. There is a detailed description with each of our rugs which is a testament of our transparency to our customers.

Investment in new technologies enables the rug manufacturing industry to provide synthetic materials which are hypoallergenic and more resilient than some natural fibres. In the next issue we have put together an equally handy guide on synthetic materials.

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