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Ocean Rugs Termeh Yazd

Termeh refers to the sumptuous Persian fabric which has been handwoven for more than 400 years and Yazd has a reputation to weave the best.

Silver and Gold threads of the Termeh Yazd fabric

Traditionally, this luxurious fabric has been made of natural silk or particularly long wool fibres, and could only be woven by an expert with the assistance of a worker.

Weaving Termeh is a sensitive, careful and time consuming process. The different patterns created have been given names depending on their origin and their background colours are also dictated by tradition, rather than by the availability of colours now a day.

During the Safavid period, these weaving techniques were refined. But the difficulty of producing Termeh and the advent of mechanized weaving, few factories remain producing the traditionally woven Termeh.

For ease of manufacture when keeping tradition alive, current Termeh Yazd is made of Polyester on a jacquard flat weave, a material used in textile in our everyday use.

This not only makes it washable in the washing machine, which is very handy, but also more durable and with better wear.

Ocean Rugs Termeh Yazd is exquisitely hand made. They are woven by modern machines and then hand finished with a silk like backing and a beautiful decorative trim. We purchase our Termeh from a family who’s weaving of these textiles dates back over 50 years.

Pictures do not do these textiles justice. They look lovely on any table and for any special occasion, be it a family dinner, a birthday and of course Christmas.

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