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Why are Handmade Rugs so Valuable?

The love you have for the rug you have carefully chosen for your home may be enough explanation for you. But if you have ever wondered why handmade rugs are so valuable, we hope we will answer this question and clarify what you are actually paying for.

The Materials Used

The material determines the durability, longevity, and ease of cleaning of the rug. These factors go into determining how much rugs cost.


One of the most common materials used in weaving rugs. It is naturally renewable, durable and sturdy. A wool rug will last you a lifetime without its quality degrading in colour or pile. And can definitely last for centuries if well cared for.

High quality wool or cashmere rugs have a very luxurious texture and offer maximum underfoot comfort.

Wool is also naturally dirt repellent and the easiest to clean. Making them great for high footfall areas. See our inspiration entry for Why Use Wool.


Is second to wool in durability but first in luxury. Silk rugs have been coveted around the world since time immemorial. The most precious silk rugs are Persian and they are normally made of silk or a combination of wool and silk.

The silk strands give them a smooth and shiny texture unparalleled by any other material. They ooze luxury and grace from every inch. For more information on silk rugs please see our entry Why use silk.

Silk rugs will need careful at home cleaning and professional cleaning only if necessary. Pure silk rugs are sometimes used as fine wall textile decoration rather than placed on the floor.

The Method of Making the Rug

Handmade rugs need human expertise, skill and time. They are therefore more valuable than any other mass produced or mechanically produced item.

Rugs are first designed by hand by a master craftsman. They will then magnify sections of the rug to the real dimensions so the weavers can see each knot they are required to make. Think of it as the most intricate painting by numbers you have ever seen.

The rug is then hand-knotted. This means the weaver will tie each knot individually whilst the rug is tightened on a specifically designed loom. These woven rugs take the most time to make of any other rug, and they can only be made by highly skilled, master artisans and weavers. This labour of love ensures that every knot is safe and secured.

The Knots per Square Inch

A handmade rug is more than a decorative textile item; it is a work of art you can walk on. Every hand knotted rug tells the story of the designer, the weaver’s personality and the journey of making the rug.

How valuable a rug is, is highly dependent on the reasons given above and the number of knots per centimetre squared. This will determine the time taken to complete it. It is quite simple, the higher the knot density, the more time that went into weaving it. And consequently, the higher the price will be.

Rugs can take between 30 days to 8 years to make and can have from 4 to 155 knots per centimetre square.

Design and Pattern

A hand knotted design is unique to that rug. When you purchase a traditionally manufactured rug you are in essence purchasing a unique work of art. This is the final point that really adds value to your rug, it is an investment into exclusivity.

The rarity of the colours used also adds to this, as naturally dyed rugs are more expensive since the colours will not fade with time. If you are looking into purchasing an antique rug, you are not just eyeing a rug but a piece of exclusive art which carries the stamp of time and cultural influences that are reflected in its designs. This is why some have become cherished family heirlooms and others are sold at auction for thousands, sometimes even millions, of pounds.

Production Ethics

When you purchase a high skilled luxury rug from a reputable dealer, you can trust that the production method behind it is lawful and fair. At Ocean Rugs we are proud to be able to trace all our rugs back to the manufacturing point. Everyone involved is treated and paid fairly and we ensure no child labour is used in the manufacturing of our products.

When you ask yourself what makes this rug so valuable don not forget to keep these points in consideration. Ask yourself how was the rug made and how much time went into completing this piece of art.

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