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Why use Silk?

A natural fibre that is second to wool in durability and luxury, silk rugs have been coveted around the world since time immemorial. The famous Persian and Oriental rugs are either made of silk, wool or a combination of wool and silk.

If you have a silk rug or are simply curious about these type of rugs, then we have hopefully put together an interesting article for you where we will aim to answer some of the most common questions.

How is Silk Made?

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms and is admired for its shine and delicate beauty. 

Silk rugs are made by cultivating silk from silk worms fed on mulberry or a strictly controlled diet. The silk worm cocoons are boiled and then unravelled into a single continuous filament that is incredibly strong and then used for weaving.

How are Silk Rugs Made?

Silk rugs are most usually woven in the Middle East and the Far East. In countries such as Iran (Persia), India, Turkey and China.

These rugs are created by hand weaving silk fibres, often no thicker than a strand of hair into intricate patterns. The knot count for silk rugs can exceed 1500 knots per square inch. Which is incredibly high. These rugs turn out of be thin and pliable, finely crafted and incredibly soft and comfortable.

Real silk rugs have a tell-tale sheen which oozes luxury from every inch. The look and colour of the rug can change depending on where you’re standing in a room.

Silk rugs are more delicate than wool rugs and are therefore preferably placed in areas of low footfall. They are so exquisitely made that most owners choose to display them as magnificent fine pieces of wall art or wall textiles. They have a thinner nap and pile than wool rugs and are often more expensive.

Despite its delicate nature, real silk is surprisingly resilient when it comes to use, and it can withstand wear and tear in ways ‘fake silk’ cannot.

Weavers choose their colours depending on the message they want to convey through their pattern and design.

How to Care for Your Silk Rug?

When you own a silk rug, it pays to look after it. A silk rug that is well looked after will retain its lustre and grace for generations to come.

Like any other loved item in your home, rugs will need their own care instructions depending on the material used.

One of the best ways to clean a silk rug is to use a brushless vacuum attachment on a low suction. Gentle sweeping with a delicate brush is also a great way to pick up surface dirt and debris before it gets embedded deep within the pile and becomes more difficult to remove.

In case of a liquid spill, blot it out immediately with a clean and dry cloth. Be careful not to scrape at spills as the fibres may break or be pulled out of shape.

Other than a gentle vacuuming or sweeping, never try and shampoo or deep clean your silk rug at home. Using products such as soap and water to clean your rug can leave it damaged beyond repair. It is always best to get your silk rug professionally cleaned.

Finally, we would like to add that a well-cared authentic silk rug will often appreciate in value.

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